Thursday, June 11, 2009

Programming the Subconscious to Get What You Want Effortlessly

Most of us have one or several areas of our lives that we want to change. That change will occur quickly and effortlessly when programming the subconscious takes place.

Some of us have even been struggling with the same problems for years. Usually those things that we want to change fall into one of 3 Categories

  1. Health-both physical or spiritual
  2. Relationships
  3. Success/Wealth

If you are trying to change an aspect of your life that isn't working, then one of the quickest and easiest ways to get the results you want is by Re Programming your subconscious.

Everyone has two different Minds-- Your Conscious that is the part that you think with and is often the part that you sabotage yourself with. The Subconscious mind is the part of you that makes your organs function, steers you course based on what it is fed by your conscious and is there to keep you safe. It is only when you can re-program your subconscious you can truly change your life in any direction that you want it to go.

Let's look at this example--say you are a salesperson and you are getting ready to approach a client to sell them one of your products or services. Suddenly, before you have your meeting, "things" start happening to sabotage that meeting. Maybe you get a headache or your heart begins racing, perhaps you become distracted by details that seem to be overwhelming. Those, physical symptoms and distractions are your subconscious working to protect you via your conscious mind. Maybe from something that happened when you where a child or teenager like being rejected, or scorned when you tried to ask for or persuade a person to do something.
Hopefully, this is one of those "ah-ha" moments for some of you. As long as your subconscious thinks that you are unsafe, outside, (or things that you can see) physical forces will continue to appear and sabotage what your conscious thinks is the right thing.

The good news is, you can literally release these holding patterns and re-program yourself to get what you really want out of life, but you have to do it through your subconscious.

Have you ever wondered why positive thinking and affirmations don't seem to work? Or, in the cases that they do, it takes forever?

Don't misunderstand this, affirmations and positive thinking do work, but only when you have cleared the subconscious of the experiences and thoughts that are keeping your true desires behind closed doors. When you do this, reinforcing yourself with the right thought patterns will work miracles in your life.

Programming the subconscious mind is easy but you will need some tools to help you do that. Get your hands on the right subconscious mind control programs and you will be the creator of your world.

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