Thursday, June 11, 2009

How Hypnosis Can Unlock Your Mind's Ability For Better Memory and Faster REcall

Do you wonder why you never forget how to ride a bike?

Your memories of how to ride a bicycle are part of your remembering system called implicit memory, or as some call it, "muscle memory". You may not have ridden a bike in years, but the moment you get on one, you are off and riding without even having to think about it. Your mind remembers in different ways. Your five senses have a prominent role in your recall memory.

Take for example a first meeting with someone. You visually see the color of the person's eyes, the length and color of their hair; you hear the sound of their voice and smell the scent of cologne. All that information is processed in a central area of the brain.

Have you ever been somewhere and a specific smell will trigger a memory?

That's because you associate that smell with a specific occurrence. Or have you smelled a certain cologne or heard a song and it brings back a memory of a special person?

Your memories are made in an area of the brain called thehippocampus, a sea-horse-shaped area in the temporal lobe.

Even though at a later time you have trouble remembering something, they are there somewhere in the brain. Often sounds, feelings, or smells will bring back a memory of something you haven't thought of in years.

Your brain is more sophisticated that a computer! At least for now!

The brain does something that a computer can not do. It distributes memories over many neurons, unlike computers that store things in certain specific locations on the hard drive. If you loose your hard drive, or a portion of it, you lose everything stored on it. But if you lose a single neuron, you still have access to the memory!

And better than that, our brains have a much higher storage capacity than a computer - at least a thousand times better!

Do you find your memory isn't what it used to be?

Just because you can't remember an event or a name doesn't mean you are losing your memory. And you may be able to recall long lost memories through hypnosis.

When you are under hypnosis, your mental guard is down, your conscious filtering threshold is lowered and it is easier for you to bring back long forgotten memories while being hypnotized.

Age regression hypnosis is one way where memories from long ago or from childhood can be brought back to memory. This is particularly effective if you are trying to get over a phobia and have no idea when or how it started. Through hypnosis you can go back to when the phobia started and you will then be able to create a new experience through hypnosis to help you get rid of the phobia.

You can also use hypnosis to simply create suggestions to tell your subconscious mind to remember certain important things you don't want to forget.

For example, you may be studying or learning something new and you can create a suggestion that your mind will absorb all the new material you learn and will process it in a way that you will have instant recall when you need to remember it.

Remember, the mind is very powerful, better than a computer, and you have the ability to program it in any way you wish for your own goal achievement.

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Carol A Pounds
I have twenty years experience in teaching and education, twelve years working the in health care profession, and am a certified hypnotist. My goal is to help people keep their minds and bodies in optimum condition and help them achieve their goals through the power of the subconscious mind. More original content on achieving your goals posted on my website.

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