Monday, June 8, 2009

Hypnotherapy In London, Self Hypnosis At Home_ Addictions Can Fly Out The Window!

Many people's biggest fear of hypnosis is of being in someone else's 'control'. In fact most people associate hypnosis with some form of magic trick rather than with the achievement of a heightened state of physical and mental comfort and relaxation. In the recent BBC investigation series into alternative health it was shown that under hypnosis, the imagining of a physical activity or event can access the same area of brain activity as the real experience, whereas just imagination alone, without the aid of hypnosis activates an entirely different area of brain functioning, associated with the imagination, not the activity. This is then, clearly, a powerful tool for change, if we can access the part of the brain that controls the actual behavioural aspect.

The extraordinary factor is that this fundamental shift in brain activity is achieved merely by inducing a profound state of relaxation, which we call hypnosis. In fact, when you achieve this state of deep relaxation the body can also generate hormones that help with your energy levels and your general mood. Further, this is an additive process - the more times that you can attain this level of heightened relaxation, the greater the effect on your body and mind. So if we are given the tools to access this deep state after we have finished a session of hypnotherapy in London for example, when we are back at home and without the aid of a professional hypnotherapist, these positive effects can be enhanced many times over, for as long as we choose.

Fundamentally, hypnotherapy is about enabling increased levels of self-awareness and self-control, so self-hypnosis is, by definition, a huge asset to that process. All we require are effective techniques to access that deep state of relaxation. Once your hypnotherapist has taught you a clear technique, self-hypnosis can become a tool for life, in almost every area of your life. And of course, self-hypnosis is free!

Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis are powerful tools, but the really important factor is still you and your determination to get the desired result to change. You need to be ready for the change in your life. It is this fact that will bring the goal closer when you apply self-hypnosis techniques provided by your hypnotherapist.

Any self-hypnosis programme requires a repeat investment of about twenty minutes per day over a period of a few weeks or months (although many achieve their ambition with ease sooner than this) until you no longer feel the need for the support to change. Crucially, by following a self-hypnosis programme, vital support is always with you. Being committed to succeed and repeating the self-hypnosis sessions are daily reminders to reinforce your goals and your achievement. Success will be achieved by those that really want it.

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