Friday, June 19, 2009


Hypnosis: Another myth and misconception

June 14, 11:01 AM

Getting Stuck:
One of the most common concerns that people have is that of getting "stuck" in hypnosis.

Some people have heard that you could be stuck in hypnosis and never come out. Many hypnotists will tell you that if you refuse to come out you will drift into a natural sleep state and awaken on your own.

That is partly true. A person in a light trance state may fall asleep if the hypnotist has given a post-hypnotic suggestion to transition into natural sleep or when using self-hypnosis techniques or listening to a CD for relaxation or difficulty with sleeping through the night. Because people in a hypnotic trance are wide awake and their minds are aware of everything, they don't normally fall asleep before emerging from hypnosis.

If left alone, most clients will easily emerge themselves without help. Once a client goes into theEsdaile State, sometimes referred to as a “Hypnotic Coma,” then the hypnotist must know how to emerge the client on cue, or the client may refuse to emerge him or her self for an extended time.

Trance states:
Most hypnotists today guide their clients into one of lighter trance states. These states are, from lightest to deepest, Hypnoidal, Light, Medium, and a Deep state (known as the Somnambulistic State), as described in the Ramey-Sichort Depth Scale, by James Ramsey.

Regardless of what depth of hypnosis a client achieves, hypnosis is no more dangerous or difficult to come out of (emerging) than a reverie or daydream.

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