Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to Use Visualization Meditation to Achieve Success

In this article I shall share with you how to use Neuro Linguistics Programming to do visualization meditation to achieve success in your life. There are three things you must do to use visualization meditation.

First of all, put yourself in a place where you can have total concentration and relaxation. Make sure that the environment is quiet or at least conducive for you to put yourself into a deep state of visualization meditation.

Secondly, make sure that you are wearing very comfortable clothes. In other words make sure that your physical state is in a relaxed manner. This could be using the comfort of the chair you are sitting in. I would recommend that you sit in a chair rather than lying on the bed because lying on the bed would probably mean you may fall asleep. What you want to do during this visualization meditation process is that you are semiconscious or at least relaxed but awakened.

Third thing you need to do is to know how to do creative visualization meditation. Neuro Linguistic Programming has a very unique technology known as tapping into your sub modalities for you to easily achieve a deep state of relaxation and a heightened state of visualization meditation. First of all, allow yourself to close your eyes and relax using your deep breathing technique. Allow yourself to go deeper into a state of relaxation and if you have any mind chatter, just politely tell your mind 'Thank you for sharing' and allow silence to come back into your mind. The very moment you allow silence into your mind, begin to use words to conjure up an image for yourself that you find desirable. This image should be the image that you see yourself achieving the success that you want. This is visualization meditation. As you are saying those words that brings up the vision of success, make the picture bigger and brighter and allow your body to totally associate with that picture that you have conjured up. Hear what you hear and feel what you feel, as if you were totally associated with the image you have brought up in your mind. Practice this as many times as possible for you to properly use the technique of visualization meditation. Neuro Linguistics Programming is a very useful tool for you to use in visualization meditation.

Perry is a trainer with Singapore's largest training company. Using what he learnt from his NLP master trainer mentors, he was able to quit his dead end civil service job and work as a platform speaker and intrapreneur. With his personally designed success system of the "Empowering Communicator", he now helps others achieve success a step at a time using communication skills. Click here to learn how to harness the pwer of NLP for visualization meditation

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