Friday, June 12, 2009

Is Hypnosis Magic?

I have many people come to me for hypnosis and the seem to have no interest in taking responsibility for their personal behavior. I hear the same thing when aquaintances talk to about being hypnotized. When you read some of the articles that I have posted here, you wouold assume that the authors can do something for you that you are not able to do yourself. Well, they can. I can also. We can help you access your subconscious mind and assist you with making changes in your life. The key is that you have to believe that these are the changes that you want to make.

I do not believe I have any special gifts as a hypnotist but instead have learned a series of skills that allow me to facilitate change in people. The ultimate key is that they have to take responsibility for their behavior. The key here is the word facilitate. It is easy for people to loose their motivation and blame the hypnotist or hypnosis because they have resumed their old behaviors. They seem to believe that the hypnotist is going to perform some magic ritual that will absolve them of any responsibility.

Of course, the people who write these articles, I, or other ethical hypnotists do not promise magic and yes, we do want to present hypnosis in the best possible light but we do not promise to take responsibility for your behavior

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